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Writing and Research Workshop Sekapur Sirih in Five Cities

After the implementation of Makassar Biennale (MB) 2019 was successfully held in four cities and two provinces, this time, MB 2021 will expand its reach in five cities and three provinces, namely Makassar, Parepare, Bulukumba (South Sulawesi), Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara), and Nabire (Papua).

The five cities will be part of the Makassar Biennale 2021 pre-event program as the main research locations in preparation for MB 2021. Therefore, the Makassar Biennale Foundation together with Tanahindie and Goethe Institute will hold a Writing and Research Workshop following the Subtheme of Makassar Biennale 2021: Sekapur Sirih program. The program will take place simultaneously in five cities for three months (September 1 – November 30, 2020).

The writing and research workshop carries the subtheme of MB 2021 “Sekapur Sirih”, accompanying the perpetual theme ‘Maritime’. Sekapur Sirih (a term for the habit of chewing betel nut) is a general term for hospitality purposes towards guests and traditional culture in Nusantara. The term is also expected to be an entry point for artists to explore the symbols of the ancient healing traditions of Indonesia which are provided by the mother earth for humans (phytopharmaca). This simultaneously acts as a greater embarkation voyage with endless possibilities, which are then expressed in 2D, 3D, or a higher performative level.

For this reason, Sekapur Sirih is expected to be responded by researchers in each city to explore more about herbs (non-industrial products), food ingredients which considered as medicine, and performative actions in healing processes (shamanism, bissu, etc).

This program intends to open call participants by giving priority to young people (students and members of collectives) in five cities. In the assumption that researcher groups are not able to travel to different five locations because of travel restriction, MB engages local communities and individuals in the appointed cities to participate.

The workshop models will take place in the form of offline and online classes. [1] Offline means that the class will be conducted based on the agreement between coordinators and participants of each city. [2] Online means class meetings and data reporting of all participants of the five cities are conducted on a weekly base.

The workshop will be facilitated/mentored by Anwar ‘Jimpe’ Rachman (Director of Makassar Biennale, writer, dan curator) and some invited individuals/experts.

The set of events aims to bring [1] Informal education about field study and writing to students and members of collectives in the five cities. [2] Expansion of discourse and practices of art and culture in general from various locations, with their respective uniqueness. [3] Meeting point to exchange ideas from the collaborating cities. [4] Network development and expansion of MB. [5] Pre-event programs for MB 2021. [6] Publication team recruitment for MB 2021. [7] Improving teamwork capacity of MB 2021.

The output of each participant will be published in https://makassarbiennale.org and or https://artefact.id website as well as other media partners and compiled into a book for the common goal of proliferating ideas. The copies of the book will later be shared for free to communities in the five cities, school libraries, and art collectives, as well as archived in https://artefact.id. The rest will be sold for fundraising purposes of MB 2021. Other than through the book and articles, daily activities in each city will also be documented, distributed, and archived via the Makassar Biennale YouTube channel and the art.e.fact podcast.

This program can only be held with the support of artefact.id, Penerbit Ininnawa, Kampung Buku, The Ribbing Studio, Halaman Rumah, Bumi Lestari, Sampan Institute, Animesh Pro, Kolektif Stereo, Komunitas Nabire Membaca (Koname), Komunitas Meeyoka, videoge, Mata Jalan – Dokumenter Warga, Rumah Saraung, Orazine, Parepare.indie., Milisi.id, Siasat Partikelir, Youthmagz.id, IDN Times Sulsel, Radar Selatan, Kabar Mapegaa, Kucang Pustaka, Sabtu Keren.

“Funded by the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund ”

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